Cannabis Strains and Sex: The Breakdown

cannabis strains and sex

SEX. It gets attention. People seem to love sex, a lot. Many of the more adventurous ones look for ways to enhance and intensify their sexual experiences by spicing things up in one way or another in the bedroom. So what do cannabis strains and sex have to do with each other? One of the […]

10 Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Dispensary For You

When choosing a dispensary, there are 10 things people should seriously consider. With so many shops to choose from, it helps to be informed about what differentiates these shops and how each one will help you on your cannabis journey. While many of the dispensaries out there may boast about being the best or having […]

Refer A Friend

Earn 250 more reward points when you refer a friend to visit one of our locations for the first time. Just have them mention your name when they sign up and we will add points to your profile! Reward Program Breakdown Reward points can be redeemed between 250 – 500 points. Points are worth 5% […]

Clones Now Available!

We are now able to offer clone pre-orders and sales at all locations! Visit our menu to place a pre-order or shop our clones in-store. Tap here to view our menu

How to Smoke Cannabis Concentrates with a Rig

If you’ve walked into a smoke shop or entered a dispensary, you’ve most likely seen a form of cannabis concentrates or a rig. For those searching for an even stronger high, then this might be for you! What are Cannabis Concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are a highly concentrated form of marijuana. They’re often more than double […]

Long-Time Ann Arbor Dispensary Now License for R&R, Relief, and Recreation

Locally owned and operated. High-quality, small-batch cannabis sourced from Michigan growers. Knowledgeable and compassionate budtenders. Exceptional customer service. Those have been the pillars of ArborSide for the past decade. And they remain the heart and soul of the dispensary in Ann Arbor, except that now you no longer need a medical card to visit. ArborSide […]

How to Roll a Backwood Blunt

So you want to learn how to roll a blunt… Maybe it’s because you want to experiment with a new method of smoking. Maybe you’re sick of being the friend that can’t roll the backwood. Whatever your reason is, we’re here to help! We’ve outlined below how to roll a backwood blunt step-by-step, along with […]

How to Use a Grinder

What is a Grinder (And How Do I Use One)? A grinder is an essential part of a cannabis enjoyers toolkit. They grind your bud into smaller pieces, maximizing the surface area and allowing for better, more even vaporization. This makes for better cannabinoid extraction, which means you’re smoking more and wasting less. Different Strokes […]

4/20 Deals

Did someone say budding season? April 2021 | Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the month: