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It all starts with propagation. FLWRpot’s clean, sterile and controlled environment will provide your clones with all the factors needed for fast roots and vigorous growth. By setting up your clones with all the necessary nutrients, water, light and love, you will be able to grow your own FLWRpot fire!

Picking up your clones

When picking up your clones, it is important to do a visual inspection of the plant. Make sure the roots are fuzzy and white, the foliage is green and lush and there are no pests or chemical residues on them.

Transporting your clones

Make sure you keep your transport to a minimum. Keep the bag sealed and the temperature between 72-76 degrees inside your vehicle where the clones are located. Don’t leave the clones out in the sun as the temperatures inside the bag containing the clones could rise past a desirable point.



Transplanting your clones

Make sure to stop by your local indoor garden center to pick up everything you’ll need for transplanting and caring for your clones. At minimum you will need a good nutrient line with a few pots and some soil or soiless medium. We recommend transplanting into a half gallon pot first then into a 3-5 gallon pot once the clone has matured (1-2 weeks). Don’t forget your lights and other climate controls if you are growing indoors!

Growing your clones

Creating the right environment for your clones to flourish is just as important as the type of soil or nutrients you give your plants. Making sure you have the correct temperatures, humidity and light intensity will ensure your plants will receive the correct climate for lush and vigorous growth. If you can dial in these controls, you can grow top shelf product indoors. FLWRpot clones will grow amazing outdoors as well, in the sunshine!

Summarized steps:

  • Inspect your clones for pests and chemicals
  • Keep your transport short and climate controlled
  • Transplant your clones to desired medium as soon as possible
  • Cultivate your clones indoors or outdoors and provide them
    with the correct climate, water and nutrients
  • Enjoy the benefits of cultivating your own – Soil. Soul. Smoke!
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