Do you do delivery?

Yes! Find your Delivery Zone >

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Do you have a membership or loyalty program?

Yes, we welcome all Michigan Marijuana seekers, medicinal or recreational. To become a member at North Coast Provisions, you must have the following:

For every dollar you spend in the store, you receive one loyalty point. You may use up to 500 points per transaction.

Reward Point Conversion Rate:

500 points = $25 off your order

We ask all first time patients to arrive 30 minutes before we close. (8:30 PM Mon-Sat, 5:30 PM Sunday)

What is the return policy?

All flower sales are final! But we do allow returns for malfunctioning products only, with some exceptions. Ask a friendly North Coast Budtender to help out with your return: (517) 759-4428

I’m new to this…can you point me in the right direction?

Absolutely. Whether you are new or well-versed, our knowledgeable Budtenders are here to help. Our mission is to give patients and customers the hands-on knowledge they need to medicate in a way that’s best for their needs.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by the State of Michigan.

Do you sell your own product?

Funny you should ask…FLWRpot, the cultivation branch of North Coast Joint Ventures, launched their Flower to the public in the Summer of 2021!  We have highly experienced cultivators tending to our premium, small-batch harvests–grown in a sustainable, all LED facility. View FLWRpot bud on our weedmaps menus, check the FLWRpot website for a strain catalogue updates or follow @flwr.pot on Instagram for more updates!

How do you know the quality of your cannabis?

All products at North Coast Provisions are third-party tested by a state regulated testing facility to ensure purity, quality and safety for patients. Each batch of edibles, concentrates and flower is traceable back to the original facility and moreover the exact seedling or clone from which it came.