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Our patients health and safety is paramount. We are strictly following COVID-19 safety recommendations and diligently sanitizing our space. We offer free delivery and curbside pick-up. Patients can order online at Weedmaps.com or here on our website. We encourage patients to take advantage of these convenient options.

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As a registered patient with North Coast Provisions you can order online as well as enjoy the conveniences of free delivery and curbside pick-up (I.D. verified on location). Our delivery option is free within a 35-mile radius.

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Cannabis can be consumed in many ways.  Each method includes different THC and CBD percentages, and ifs its Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica.  These properties will indicate the effects it may cause your body.


Marijuana Flower

Known for being the most widely recognized and unadulterated method for ingesting cannabis. For wellbeing reasons, the correct method to do it is to vape it, never smoke it. THC and CBD need to warmth up for the blossom to discharge its recuperating segments. Utilize your dose with a little vaporizer

Pre-rolls available - Prerolls are purchaser prepared and take out the issue of pounding, rolling, and fixing cannabis blossom into a joint.


Marijuana Concentrates

Through an extremely careful procedure, cannabis oil is separated from the bloom. It is put in little glass compartments where you can vape it electronically. Each puff has a particular measure of THC or potentially CBD. Your Budtender will indicate the measurement required for your condition.  Capsules and Syringes use oils/concentrates.


 Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis oil can be utilized for cooking extraordinary tasting snacks. It's marginally more slow in delivering its belongings however is known for durable outcomes. They contain a specific measure of milligrams in each piece. Your Budtender will enable you to see whether they are directly for you.


Marijuana Plant

Capsules can be valuable for patients as they are discrete and can help limit the disgrace related to therapeutic cannabis devoured through vaporization or smoking. These items come in fluctuating potencies and assortments relying upon which authorized maker makes them. As of now, authorized makers are selling oil-based cases (Cannimed, MedReleaf, Tilray, Tweed Main Street) and decarboxylated cannabis which can be utilized to create your own containers (Hydropothecary).


Cannabis Topicals

A cream or treatment that is applied legitimately to the body's surface. Topicals are used for quick-acting limited alleviation of aggravation and agony.


Marijuana Accessories 

We offer premium quality instruments to encourage your experience. These devices totally enhance the manner in which you ingest your measurement. With a totally impeccable look, you can be completely prepared all day, every day.

Ease Your Pain

Cannabis is highly effective in treating pain and inflammation. Symptoms of conditions like Arthritis, Alzheimer, chronic pain, cancer and anxiety can be relieved.

Benefits of THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabis essential psychoactive component. Besides the high, THC’s focus on the brain also allows it to provide many of the other cerebral benefits of medical marijuana, such as reduced anxiety, pain relief, and improved sleep.

Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol is the second most regular dynamic component in cannabis. It is not psychoactive. Rather, the effects of CBD are distributed throughout the body, enabling it to benefit various other conditions, like muscle spasms, depression, pain, and inflammation.

Legalization in Michigan

Michigan became the first state in the Midwest to legalize marijuana in November 2018. 

In 2020 those over 21 will be able to purchase products at our dispensary without a medical marijuana card. Learn more about our Members