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MoonBow 112 IX


MoonBow 112 IX is an Archive Seedbank F1 x F2 cross of MoonBow 112 using a MoonBow 112 – F2 male plant backcrossed to a female in the original filial group. This produced regular seeds that have an array of phenotypical progeny. Some plants remained stout, short and bushy with Zkittlez terps and structure while others stretched and had massive nugs with ideal internodal spacing. The winner phenotype that is earmarked “FP Cut” was hunted in house and produces massive grenade size nugs with good internodal spacing, high yields, high stretch and an early finish attributed to the Zkittlez line. The terpene profile consists of gas, lime/berry, with a hint of kushy, OG funk as its backbone. The effects are very balanced, including feeling creative, focused and uplifted while still giving you a generally nice overall euphoria. This strain checks all the boxes not only for the consumer but also for the cultivators.

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