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Ezra OrelEzra Orel
03:16 12 Jul 24
This place is awesome!! Great selection! Matt is super cool!
lomar gaylelomar gayle
02:21 12 Jul 24
Dexter KaufmannDexter Kaufmann
02:03 12 Jul 24
Brooke was very helpful and knowledgeable! Great service and prices
Andrew HarveyAndrew Harvey
01:39 12 Jul 24
Sam NolanSam Nolan
00:28 12 Jul 24
Brooke was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable about edibles and willing to help us find the perfect products! 🙂
Kwame KwakyeKwame Kwakye
04:03 07 Jul 24
I love charity she’s the best and so sweet! - Kwame!
Maria MarleyMaria Marley
03:28 07 Jul 24
always fire! the lines move pretty quick and matt is very knowledgeable
Terrance DewyerTerrance Dewyer
02:28 07 Jul 24
Sampson always willing to help with good customer service
Tre SakofskeTre Sakofske
02:22 07 Jul 24
Wonderful service from sams
Sade JonesSade Jones
03:11 06 Jul 24
First time here & dariean helped me out well. Thank you so much
02:59 06 Jul 24
Awesome place Dariea is the Best
Paris GreenParis Green
02:31 06 Jul 24
D Was the best bud tender in the building
Greg SheppardGreg Sheppard
02:13 06 Jul 24
Great bud options
Nicholas MangoNicholas Mango
01:45 06 Jul 24
Price match so best price in town, friendly staff, especially darian
Lissa SayerLissa Sayer
01:40 01 Jul 24
Great customer service Matt Arborside is great!
Emma StroudEmma Stroud
01:23 01 Jul 24
MATT is the best ❤️
Natnal EndalkachewNatnal Endalkachew
01:19 01 Jul 24
Best dispo I’ve ever been to. Excellent service, quality products, and always fast as well. Matt is also really great and always gives the best customer service. Make sure you drop by!
Myles AbotMyles Abot
23:33 30 Jun 24
Fantastic service. Matt is that guy!
Rayy MunirRayy Munir
21:55 30 Jun 24
Excellent customer service. Everyone was really nice and accommodating. The quality of the products are also top notch. Fantastic experience every time! Matt’s the best budtender of all time, no contest
gaurish sharmagaurish sharma
02:47 30 Jun 24
Great service!
Hannah JeanHannah Jean
01:17 30 Jun 24
Honestly the best dispensary that I’ve been to, dank bud and fair prices with bud tenders who know what they’re talking about. 💞
15:57 29 Jun 24
Very helpful with the types of strains
Tyler LeplerTyler Lepler
07:44 29 Jun 24
Great staff, great prices,amazing product
Kathleen SweeneyKathleen Sweeney
01:19 25 Jun 24
Lily is amazing
00:18 25 Jun 24
Jessica DIBA BennettJessica DIBA Bennett
22:16 24 Jun 24
Arborside is possibly one of my fave dispensaries, and I’ve visited others in different states as well. The lobby is beautiful and clean. Lauren made the checkin process so smooth and lovely. Lily was our budtender. She was so informative and kind! They also have a vast and wonderful selection of items! You must stop by!
Big fella jayBig fella jay
20:16 24 Jun 24
My bud tenders lily and Ryan where so helpful today, this is the only place I come and I recommend it.
Lester JoinerLester Joiner
20:11 24 Jun 24
Reggie HarrisReggie Harris
00:07 24 Jun 24
Shout out to Charity at arbor side Ann Arbor she picked out some good pre rolls appreciate you.
Tracy T. HeathTracy T. Heath
20:26 23 Jun 24
$1 grams😁 plus a ton of other special's!!!!!!! U gotta love that🍀
16:58 23 Jun 24
Lily great budtender always smiling very nice young lady
David BowerDavid Bower
16:55 23 Jun 24
Chris knows his stuff.
Ardi CeraArdi Cera
01:14 19 Jun 24
I had an excellent time shopping. Lily was incredibly knowledgeable and recommended great products. I can't wait to shop here again
Emily GoldenEmily Golden
00:25 19 Jun 24
This place dope. Especially Lily! Thanks!
23:44 18 Jun 24
Samson D is awesome and always works with my points to figure out how to get everything in one trip(and one transaction😉)!!!
23:00 18 Jun 24
Love the doghouse for my baby. Great sales
Skippy ShularSkippy Shular
22:59 18 Jun 24
Like my home away from home!
Kellie HyderKellie Hyder
22:05 17 Jun 24
Best shop in A2 hands down
20:55 17 Jun 24
They have the best pre rolls!!
Michael ThomasMichael Thomas
17:24 17 Jun 24
I have gotten several strains from different providers here. The flower was poorly dried and cured, every sample I tried was wet weed.The dry/cure process is the most vital step in presenting proper poi. These people and many other growers and providers seem to have forgotten this vital step. The Clinic in Ypsilanti on Cross st. is NOT one of these Posers.Why does the dry/cure process matter? Wet weed smells good and is easy to push for profit-centric purveyors of their wet weed. but is tastes BAD. Cannabis with a proper dry/cure is not as shall we say Loud but you can savor the flavor as you imbibe.I have been sampling providers with an eye to their awareness of growers who respect the dry/cure stage and far too many are just pushing WET WEED. I have a full list of these miscreants and will be publishing reviews for them. Arborside and Bloom both had interesting responses...P.S. stay away from Arbor sideway and BlomCheck out the Clinic in weird Ypsi
M NaghM Nagh
13:36 17 Jun 24
I was disappointed with my experience, there is a female budtender( wears a hat most of the time ) she was unpleasant and made me feel uncomfortable ( scoffing over a conversation I had with her co-worker ) and that is disrespectful to me knowing that I go to that particular dispensary faithfully every week and to be treated with disrespect where I spend my money is NoNo, I will never go back there.
Carter AltrudaCarter Altruda
01:31 17 Jun 24
Jared RiecherJared Riecher
01:48 13 Jun 24
Quinn SchrovenweverQuinn Schrovenwever
20:22 12 Jun 24
Love this shop! Everyone was so kind and very helpful when I needed assistance finding the right product. 10/10 - will definitely visit again!
Hunter V.Hunter V.
20:22 12 Jun 24
Katelyn GeorgevichKatelyn Georgevich
20:18 12 Jun 24
Best shop in town! Always the best prices, the staff is always super nice and they really know their stuff! Highly recommend, I will be back!
Jackie VJackie V
19:24 12 Jun 24
Only Ann Arbor dispensary I’ll shop! They have the best product and prices in town and always have great customer service.
23:30 11 Jun 24
Great deals and awesome staff!
nickolas farmernickolas farmer
20:32 11 Jun 24
Good dispo, usually have pretty good deals. Open the latest in Ann arbor. Friendly staff. Parking of there busy is a hassle but they usually have you in an out in a few minutes so shouldn't be a problem
Roger CainRoger Cain
01:01 11 Jun 24
Adrienna SpenceAdrienna Spence
19:00 10 Jun 24
Amazing staff and product. Great prices. Haley was very informative and helpful
Emily WolfordEmily Wolford
12:44 06 Jun 24
Eva Baht IsraelEva Baht Israel
17:51 05 Jun 24
Thank you Lily of the Valley! for all your help! 🥰
DarKC XoXoDarKC XoXo
15:03 05 Jun 24
Budtender was amazing sweet fast and knowledgeable on the products available and helped me find exactly what I needed will return wondering shops with wonderful smiles and friendly people all around
Don'tworry AboutitDon'tworry Aboutit
21:17 04 Jun 24
Great People, Great Service and a Wonderful vibe all around 😀
Elaina ThompsonElaina Thompson
18:49 04 Jun 24
Haley L. was great! Very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. 10/10 would love to have her as a Budtender again!
Denise MumfordDenise Mumford
20:36 03 Jun 24
Haley is always great
Rob HickokRob Hickok
22:35 31 May 24
Great shopping experience
Danielle BrunellDanielle Brunell
15:03 30 May 24
More than amazing staff!!!
Ethan TorainEthan Torain
19:15 29 May 24
Great service
18:39 29 May 24
Hailey L. Was super helpful. And got %40 off first time here. Come thru
Daniel ThompsonDaniel Thompson
22:26 28 May 24
Lily was a pretty cool lady made the atmosphere worth coming in more nice to have her aroundGo Pokemon
Reggie JohnsonReggie Johnson
21:59 28 May 24
Haley took me in and helped me maximize my dollars along with the experience by engaging me in wonderful conversation ans professionalism. Thank you, Ms. Haley lady. I hope to have you when I return.
Nicole NormanNicole Norman
03:04 16 May 24
Donovan is my regular budtender and he actually remembers me and asks about things I've told him. I love the evening shift. Great prices. Amazing atmosphere. Hours are A1. I drive over half an hour to see them.
Krisha DillworthKrisha Dillworth
01:42 16 May 24
good vibes, helpful budteanders
Patricia AndersonPatricia Anderson
01:36 16 May 24
Awesome place
Natalie MorenaNatalie Morena
00:15 16 May 24
Matt’s the best bud tender ever!
Cynthia NCynthia N
23:27 15 May 24
BUYER BEWARE NOT LAB TESTED! QR CODES ARE FAKE - mine brought up Mercedez Benz car models after I checked it when I found what I assume are food particles at the bottom of my bag of prepacked flower.
Rob CRob C
02:16 15 May 24
Always great product & service.
Cormac McLindenCormac McLinden
01:55 15 May 24
Joe BobJoe Bob
19:43 14 May 24
Alex was great! Sign up for the rewards program for maximum savings!
Heather CassidyHeather Cassidy
18:55 14 May 24
Haley is the best and super helpful
Luke PurcellLuke Purcell
17:08 14 May 24
As per usual , the staff at Arborside dispensary on Packard rd are polite , hospitable , and create a good atmosphere.My budtender was Haley L and she was fantastic . She allowed me as much time as I needed with the menu . Answered all of my questions and even took the time to share with me about some of her own experience . thank you Haley . ! I’ll be back tomorrow 😉
Thomas DuChaneThomas DuChane
22:02 05 May 24
Always a great experience and amazing flower!
Ty SpenceTy Spence
21:48 05 May 24
Very nice store
jarvis camarajarvis camara
21:37 05 May 24
ok readyok ready
15:50 03 May 24
Quick service, awesome products and good deals. One of the longest running dispensaries in town!
Amy PenningtonAmy Pennington
00:57 03 May 24
00:47 03 May 24
Good buzz Life
20:21 02 May 24
Great crud
Devavardhan BajlaDevavardhan Bajla
17:38 02 May 24
Holly SniderHolly Snider
14:50 02 May 24
Great service
Jay DudleyJay Dudley
01:26 29 Apr 24
My first time shopping and the customer service was A1! And they stay open later than the rest!
vali heinemannvali heinemann
01:09 29 Apr 24
Awesome staff and great prices
02:17 28 Apr 24
Sam was amazing!!!!!!! Will drive here from now on.
patriot eaglepatriot eagle
03:51 27 Apr 24
Great service from Sampson
01:39 27 Apr 24
Quick friendly service
Brooke DevoyBrooke Devoy
00:23 27 Apr 24
Fantastic service and selection! All workers very kind and helpful.
Antionett JohnsonAntionett Johnson
02:56 26 Apr 24
First time and it’s a nice place
Jennifer McManusJennifer McManus
00:00 23 Apr 24
Always receive great service.
Konlan BKonlan B
20:33 22 Apr 24
Great dispensary deals!! Charity helps a lot!
William KirkWilliam Kirk
01:52 22 Apr 24
Great deals and good weed!
William DownerWilliam Downer
00:31 21 Apr 24
Great place to go
Cynthia NCynthia N
21:19 20 Apr 24
Jenny JJenny J
20:46 20 Apr 24
Best dispo ever
Ryan NausleyRyan Nausley
18:49 20 Apr 24
Best place around! Favorite dispo around!
Daniel GhastinDaniel Ghastin
18:29 16 Apr 24
Ishaan GuptaIshaan Gupta
01:24 16 Apr 24
Great place and awesome offers! 420 babyyy!!!!!
Torry JacksonTorry Jackson
00:37 16 Apr 24
Good beat deals
Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna
22:52 15 Apr 24
Love this store, i come from the Southside of ypsi to get here.
Tamera RosenbergTamera Rosenberg
21:43 15 Apr 24
Very friendly and helpful staff. Very clean place and I love that I can come in and make a cup of coffee and the flowers are weighed and bagged in front of you. Awesome 💯
20:02 15 Apr 24
18:56 10 Apr 24
I love you guys, been smoking FLWRpot for a while & it’s the best locally 💕
Lila DominusLila Dominus
01:27 10 Apr 24
This place is epic and perfect. Everyone is so nice and there are such good deals
Mor BiskMor Bisk
19:03 09 Apr 24
Locally owned!
16:48 09 Apr 24
Fast, friendly 😁
Owen ConnOwen Conn
10:26 08 Apr 24
Everyone was so understanding and patient.
Adam SarnovskyAdam Sarnovsky
04:29 05 Apr 24
The person at the front desk was awesome! I came in from out of town and stalked the local menus for a week before realizing it wasn’t worth stopping anywhere else but here. Top quality stuff at an awesome price and the friendliest group of budtenders in the are.
Ryan A KirkerRyan A Kirker
23:26 04 Apr 24
Arborside was very clean and awesome dispo. Glad we found the place on the treasure hunt map!
Jacob ArunachalamJacob Arunachalam
23:02 04 Apr 24
Great prices, friendly staff, beautiful product and great presentation.
Kaysa FarthingKaysa Farthing
18:01 04 Apr 24
Very friendly staff love the vibe and astompher
Donnie is FunnyDonnie is Funny
01:22 04 Apr 24
Had a great couple times here 10/10
Ryan AkreRyan Akre
21:42 03 Apr 24
Great service from Alexis.! Highly recommend.!
Ryan BednarskiRyan Bednarski
20:40 03 Apr 24
Great experience
Zulfi BurkiZulfi Burki
17:46 03 Apr 24
The people working here are the nicest people I've ever met from the check in counter to the budtender.Loved the vibe of this place
Jonathon WJonathon W
14:32 03 Apr 24
Excellent customer service from Ethan
22:47 29 Mar 24
armon heidarianarmon heidarian
01:22 24 Mar 24
Employee Matt was amazing. Helpful and nice
Nima SoltaniNima Soltani
01:20 24 Mar 24
Matt was a great budtender for our out of state experience appreciate y’all
Landen PopeLanden Pope
21:17 22 Mar 24
Andrew NobiAndrew Nobi
01:55 22 Mar 24
Great service
Scarlet TusseyScarlet Tussey
22:44 21 Mar 24
Helpful and very easy to find.
Mikayla MarieMikayla Marie
18:15 17 Mar 24
My fav dispensary in Annarbor!! Always very nice
Mike JMike J
17:34 17 Mar 24
Alexandria CampbellAlexandria Campbell
19:14 12 Mar 24
Small selection, average prices, nice staff
Maeve BarberaMaeve Barbera
20:17 10 Mar 24
great dispo in ann arbor, loved all the help we got. matt was so much help here, giving us all his opinions, highly recommend coming here!
Breaynna MerrittBreaynna Merritt
04:52 10 Mar 24
First time here and the dealsssss. Beyond the dealllsss the service from Matthew was awesome & wholesome. Will definitely be back!
Rebecca BurchellRebecca Burchell
17:09 09 Mar 24
Courtney AllenCourtney Allen
17:27 07 Mar 24
Gio is a amazing bud tender and I love 1818.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🥹🥹🥹❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🛑🛑
Robert MattnerRobert Mattner
14:45 07 Mar 24
Yesterday I purchased goods on a medical card. I was chargef taxes which should not have happened.When I questioned this I was given a vague story about recreational and medical. The story does not wash because I showed my new medical card on arrival and specified medical.I very upset at the uncooperative response.🙂 A big thank you to Alex. for his explanation and handling of the matter in a very professional manner.Thank you again Alex🙏🙏🙏
Jack XJack X
02:45 05 Mar 24
Awesome shop with a WIDE variety! Highly recommend.
Angela HenryAngela Henry
15:03 04 Mar 24
Arbor side… is my go to place to wake and bake. Great selection! Great hourly specials!
Ashley BoyerAshley Boyer
04:00 03 Mar 24
Rhoni KayeRhoni Kaye
16:09 21 Feb 24
North Coast Provisions Sault Ste Marie, Mi is my favorite and only dispensary that I go to...... They always have what I need or want.....All the Budtenders are amazing, and they really care about their customers. There is no other dispensary I'd rather go to...... The products are very affordable as well.
Pedro GPedro G
14:01 21 Feb 24
It’s the closest dispo however I have gone to three others in Ann Arbor only to come back to arbor side. Best flavor and value. I’m a long time toker that only smokes top shelf. Michigan cherries is great here so is kush mints !! I try to grab an ounce of what I like because they sell out and restock quickly but don’t want to be without in between. Can always try something new but cherries and mint is my go to.
Ryan HastenRyan Hasten
04:31 20 Feb 24
Always a great experience at Arborside! Hailey, and Hailey, we’re both very helpful. Not only did I leave with what I needed, but also with some good laughs. I recommend this shop!
lakeisha tennysonlakeisha tennyson
04:08 14 Jan 24
Smells wonderful of course and have great prices and first timers get a good deal
11:59 09 Jan 24
After being away for a year, it’s great for me to see that Arborside remains The Best dispensary in the Midwest. They have the Best budtenders, The Best deals and the Best Bud.
Brandy KingBrandy King
21:49 08 Jan 24
All the staff are really friendly
Elizabeth LamusElizabeth Lamus
01:11 06 Jan 24
Love this place go here regularly best deals ever!
Asia FulfordAsia Fulford
18:30 04 Jan 24
Great Place , Super Nice Bud Tenders , Great Product
Brad SimpsonBrad Simpson
17:57 26 Dec 23
This place is fantastic — everyone's always patient, understanding, and extremely helpful! This is by far the best dispensary in Michigan. No exaggeration.
Daniel BDaniel B
02:59 13 Nov 23
I've been to this location as well as the Adrian store, and both places are wonderful. Friendly staff, great selection, and fair prices. They always have combo deals and a rewards program. Will definitely be back!
17:24 21 Oct 23
Such a cute place and very welcoming the lady upfront was so nice and made us feel like regulars. Even though this is my first time here their hospitality is definitely going to bring me back and the knowledge is so on point, but even if you have no clue the ppl in the back will answer any questions you have. So far I’m in love ❤️
Marquetta MeadsMarquetta Meads
21:27 26 Aug 23
I love this place! For the most part, they always have what I’m looking for and if they don’t, they always have a GREAT recommendation for you without fail.VERY FRIENDLY and would recommend ArborSide to EVERYONE!!!


David DavisDavid Davis
19:47 09 Jul 24
Customer service is fantastic! Amazing deals. Only shop I will go to
jessie meadowsjessie meadows
19:30 08 Jul 24
Love this place really friendly people and they always have a good selection.
Luke McgrawLuke Mcgraw
19:29 08 Jul 24
Good place friendly staff highly recommended
SIerra OrnerSIerra Orner
21:41 07 Jul 24
The greatest experience ever because they gave me a wonderful discount and I got super high of their products.
Nick HartfordNick Hartford
22:29 06 Jul 24
michael coxmichael cox
20:47 03 Jul 24
Maria was Friendly, helpful, and courteous. NOT to mention easy on the eyes. Give her a bonus !!!!!
Logan JohnstonLogan Johnston
16:52 03 Jul 24
They are always helpful and explain everything. Love it there!!!
23:40 02 Jul 24
They always know what I need to help me get the right stuff very helpful
Lisa BensonLisa Benson
20:19 02 Jul 24
Maria is always smiling and very knowledgeable about the products. When we see her we are always happy customer. She is a big asset to your business.
Jen FrankJen Frank
20:03 01 Jul 24
Jordan was very knowledgeable and helpful made our shopping there much easier.
Tim BensonTim Benson
16:11 01 Jul 24
This place is wonderful honestly the best in town if you’re looking for anything you need. Would 100% recommend North Coast they have everything you need at great prices.
Brad DegnerBrad Degner
21:48 27 Jun 24
Great experience
Cody GowerCody Gower
18:55 27 Jun 24
Great Place Nice People Would Reccomend anyone
Penny L. PiercePenny L. Pierce
15:33 27 Jun 24
Taylor was so helpful and patient. Love North Coast!!
Dave EvansDave Evans
19:40 26 Jun 24
Excellent service, Amber is the best….
Marie ShoemakerMarie Shoemaker
18:07 26 Jun 24
Love this place, budtender was patient and kind with my father, as he asked tons of questions
Daniel ScutchfieldDaniel Scutchfield
11:04 25 Jun 24
Jordan really knows what the hell he's doing!
William GuthrieWilliam Guthrie
00:53 25 Jun 24
Great little dispensary that I'm sure I'll return to on every trip to Adrian. Love the different types of hash and the clones look great! Plus it was nice talking to Thomas, one of my good friend's son in laws, who works at North Coast Provisions.
jack cannonjack cannon
23:42 24 Jun 24
amazing place
Bing AdamsBing Adams
19:57 21 Jun 24
Jordan was a big help!
Caley TwiggCaley Twigg
19:47 20 Jun 24
Adesa was very friendly and the best at explaining to me my options and what would work best for me I highly recommend seeing her when you come here
Royce CraftRoyce Craft
17:20 20 Jun 24
Maria was very personable and very nice to deal with!
Casey HollandCasey Holland
16:42 20 Jun 24
Outstanding Bud!! James the Budtender is very knowledgeable. There are a lot of dispensaries around. Make Sure To Stop And See James at North Coast Provisions.
William HamptonWilliam Hampton
16:39 20 Jun 24
I love going here. And Adesa is beautiful, and very nice. I'm infatuated with her
Donald LawsonDonald Lawson
13:12 15 Jun 24
Great experience! We were in and out after arriving an hour before closing on a Friday. Hayden was super helpful! Thanks, man! They have a great selection and a few things I wasn't expecting to find. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.
Hollie BethHollie Beth
20:45 14 Jun 24
Good supply...good price
Anthony FordAnthony Ford
19:48 14 Jun 24
Love the people, love the atmosphere! Always Great service, Great deals, and a Great time!
Thomas TannerThomas Tanner
19:42 14 Jun 24
Jordan's knowledge and energy is unmatched!
Frank StoutFrank Stout
10:13 14 Jun 24
Great place very friendly and helpful. Very low prices. Quilty is amazing i would recommend them to anyone.
Lyndi PhiloLyndi Philo
22:45 13 Jun 24
Caitlin is amazing and made my experience at North Coast incredible so friend so helpful. Just love her and everyone on the team at North Coast. Amazing priece and deals.
James DuncanJames Duncan
04:14 10 Jun 24
The customer service was excellent my budtender was amber verry knowledgeable it was a great experience
Ben-n- SyderBen-n- Syder
03:45 10 Jun 24
Amber was the best... Amazing attitude.
Sarah DemlowSarah Demlow
01:38 10 Jun 24
This place is awesome and has great deals! Adesa has helped me and she is always knowledgeable, super helpful, and friendly.
Maximilian SwainMaximilian Swain
01:27 10 Jun 24
Amber is the best! Always helps.
Lynn SwainLynn Swain
00:36 10 Jun 24
Man Amber is the most thoughtful and attentive bud tender. I’ll be back for sure!
Daniel BrooksDaniel Brooks
02:49 09 Jun 24
Very picky with there being hundreds of dispo’s now. Adesa (hopefully I didn’t totally butcher the spelling!) was our bud-tender, and made our experience great! She had a great attitude, and was patient with us as we hadn’t been in before. Hopefully she’s training the other bud-tenders. Keep up the great work. Bud & edible selection was decent. Will be back next time we’re in town!
Ashley MacHardyAshley MacHardy
00:33 09 Jun 24
Kind and knowledgeable staff. Adesa Seymore was very helpful!
Erica AdamsErica Adams
17:44 08 Jun 24
Julia MohrJulia Mohr
01:53 08 Jun 24
Adesa is the best!! So sweet!
eric pattersoneric patterson
01:06 08 Jun 24
I am so thankful for the awesome workers at NC, from the front desk, bud tenders and managers. Special shout out to Caitlin this time!
Lisa BarnettLisa Barnett
20:24 03 Jun 24
Awesome crew and amazing prices will be back
Uncle SunkelUncle Sunkel
19:43 03 Jun 24
Crew is courteous and friendly. The inventory could use some improvement. Each time I have visited, the only available flower is mid to lower potency. It’s a quick and seamless process, but download the app before going.
Damien MoorDamien Moor
00:12 03 Jun 24
Service was great but bud was even better thanks ncp
Billy The kidBilly The kid
20:30 02 Jun 24
Workers are very friendly
Bry CBry C
02:46 02 Jun 24
This place was recommended by a friend, so I decided to stop by, and I'm glad that I did. The staff is really friendly and Caitlin who helped me was highly knowledgeable about the variety in product. She helped me find a strain to help with what I was looking for. They had really good deals at the time. I even got to spin a prize wheel for an extra goodie at the end of my purchase. Would definitely recommend.
Kathy Byers FrostKathy Byers Frost
23:39 01 Jun 24
She was very nice and helpful and maid my purchase an easy one
Laura BlatnicaLaura Blatnica
23:45 28 May 24
Caitlin knows her stuff and I love her vibe. I always have a great experience when I stop in.
Michael BMichael B
22:19 28 May 24
Very helpful and informative.
Dawn QuilantanDawn Quilantan
17:49 28 May 24
Had a great time at your dispensary very cheerful and joyful people😎
Kayla HurleyKayla Hurley
17:12 28 May 24
Wouldn't go anywhere else! Caitlin knows her stuff. Great with customers, super laid back! Highly recommend.
Brandon FriedrichBrandon Friedrich
19:06 27 May 24
Xavier HallXavier Hall
17:05 27 May 24
Karen KempKaren Kemp
12:42 27 May 24
Jordan N was very knowledgeable about products and was very helpful
Amber HamrickAmber Hamrick
22:18 26 May 24
Awesome experience!! My favorite place to stop!!!
Ralph BoozerRalph Boozer
18:22 26 May 24
Mark StaniszewskiMark Staniszewski
19:16 24 May 24
Always get excellent service,recommendations,from Thomas! He suggested a cartridge or 2 of which I am very pleased with purchasing.Thanks Thomas! 👽👍
Richard WarnkeRichard Warnke
17:54 24 May 24
Best deals and budtenders around, point program is top notch.
Ashleigh NicoleAshleigh Nicole
17:35 24 May 24
Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
Jacob ArmstrongJacob Armstrong
17:12 24 May 24
Fast reliable good tasting product best price in town always looking to give you a deal
Brent StaubBrent Staub
16:57 23 May 24
My budtender was very helpful in guiding me to a purchase that fit my needs.
Brittany GriffithBrittany Griffith
16:29 23 May 24
Best dispensary in town! Great prices, amazing product variety, and you really can’t beat the deli-style setup! It really makes for the best experience!Adesa is my favorite budtender! She always has the best recommendations, takes time to answer my every question, and has the brightest personality!
Ryan JosephRyan Joseph
13:41 23 May 24
Kellie rock
Jay TJay T
12:42 23 May 24
I used to love this place but the last time I came in I had the absolute worst service, they gave me a 50% off anything in the store card on 420 so I wanted to use it on a oz that was 120 bucks she plugged it in and it came out to $65 the other blonde bud tender that was in there with glasses steps over my bud tender and says "oh no way we are selling that oz for under what it's worth" basically says we have to call a manger and get it fixed in the system so 15 mins later of waiting I finally got my oz but not for what I should have got it for. I will never give you guys service again. Endo will be getting all my business from now on. That and ever since the new point system was implemented I lost my 200+ points you guys have taught no one how to use the app And it doesn't work half the time. Step your game up guys and learn how to treat people with respect
Big JonBig Jon
01:19 23 May 24
Always a great experience
Steven SimonSteven Simon
15:26 20 May 24
Hayden was awesome definitely be back
Shelly McCulloughShelly McCullough
23:14 19 May 24
Hayden was awesome. Friendly, quick, and very efficient
Anica HallamanAnica Hallaman
21:32 19 May 24
I love this place, all of the employees are always very helpful, knowledgeable, and enjoyable to do business with. The store always seems to have deals and specials going which is awesome, and also a great selection, highly recommend!
jamie Mjamie M
15:24 19 May 24
Fernando was super helpful and professional!
carla Smithcarla Smith
14:53 19 May 24
Im glad that the rep amber knew about the products and def sold myself stuff that would help my pain. We will be back again thxs
Shannon MillerShannon Miller
14:27 19 May 24
She was awesome! Gave options and knew the product
Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomas
22:51 11 May 24
Caitlin is the best
Jon AdamusJon Adamus
16:35 10 May 24
Found North Coast and now this is the only place I go! Visit Adrian location great people great prices! Ann Arbor also!
Richard KannemanRichard Kanneman
00:38 09 May 24
Good products
Emmalyn KukuraEmmalyn Kukura
22:53 07 May 24
Great experience, good vibes
Ryan WhittymoreRyan Whittymore
23:48 06 May 24
Very friendly and helpful
Erik SchillingErik Schilling
16:41 05 May 24
Great dispensary and Budtenders very nice and helpful great deals🔥🔥🔥 will definitely going back
dan muellerdan mueller
14:33 05 May 24
Great weed, great prices. My preferred dispo.
Hannah TunisHannah Tunis
16:31 04 May 24
Chris RitchieChris Ritchie
15:09 04 May 24
Always friendly experience and the house flower is top notch.
Alex ShareefAlex Shareef
14:04 04 May 24
Great dispo!!
22:40 29 Apr 24
love this place! Great atmosphere and good prices.
William McIntoshWilliam McIntosh
17:27 27 Apr 24
Best dispo in Adrian for sure! Boutique feel with great products and prices.
Traci CardwellTraci Cardwell
16:41 27 Apr 24
This is the absolute worst dispensary that I have ever done business with. Never have delivery drivers. My last delivery, the driver overcharged me $20. Would not shop here! BTW, they still owe me $20. The first bad experience with these people was when I was dealing with Taylor & was waiting for HOURS before I called to see where my delivery was & she proceeded to tell me that there were no drivers there to deliver to me. Never was called & notified there was no driver. This dispensary is awful! Amazing buds always comes through!!!!
Bobby ShindlerBobby Shindler
00:47 26 Apr 24
Always get great service!
Joseph WinceJoseph Wince
03:41 25 Apr 24
Chill, friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable tenders. Great product selection for med and rec. Competitive prices, awesome deals and a rewards program. Only spot I go to.
Vishal ReddyVishal Reddy
13:41 22 Apr 24
Very modern looking dispensary... lounge area is comfortable and they have great deals
17:57 21 Apr 24
Google said you guys were open until 12, I drove from Toledo to come shop and was closed was very disappointed
Keeli CrutchfieldKeeli Crutchfield
00:06 21 Apr 24
Love it here!! Amazing 💚
Dj ButlerDj Butler
22:33 16 Apr 24
Great deals all week, deli style flower selection is a plus! Bud tenders are always friendly, Kellie was helpful last trip as alwaysmust try store.. 420 deals are goingThe "Flower pot" flower is smoking greatJames was very knowledgeable and polite awesome place
Kevin WrobleskiKevin Wrobleski
21:52 14 Apr 24
Good stuff!
Kerry CoonKerry Coon
17:26 12 Apr 24
Best dispensary in Adrian!! Staff is knowledgeable and patient. Great prices too!!
Alyezaih GoncalvesAlyezaih Goncalves
15:50 12 Apr 24
This is a great place to go to get some real mellow trees at a decent price, the place is inviting and staff are very friendly.
Jon SmithJon Smith
19:27 11 Apr 24
Great place everyone is very helpful
Vayda HahnVayda Hahn
18:28 11 Apr 24
NEVER use their ATM or swipe your card in this business! My cards been compromised 2 times in 15+ years, BOTH times were after swiping at this business, where NO obvious skimmers were present. I'm unsure who handles their ATM or if it differs from credit purchases in store but I will never use my card here again. 😤
Matthew SharpMatthew Sharp
23:34 06 Apr 24
Kelly DavisKelly Davis
12:07 06 Apr 24
Northcoast rocks!! Best prices and friendly peeps around
Alex DavisAlex Davis
12:06 06 Apr 24
Don’t bother leaving a review to get the free pre roll they will be absolutely rude to you for trying to cash it in. Nothing but rude and inexperienced budtenders. My budtender Jordan didn’t even say thank you after I tipped him. Had to go back in because they didn’t get be me the pre roll. Other than free cheap grab bags once a month this place is not worth your time. Manager with the curly hair and gray bear sweater as even ruder.