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Brand: Fresh Coast Extracts

MAC Cured Resin Batter | 1g


Fresh Coast’s ultra-refined, single-source Cured Resin Batters use only high-quality, cured flower. A crumbly THC-a product with a rich terpene consistency will provide a flavorful experience sure to tickle the senses.

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About the brand :
Fresh Coast Extracts

Fresh Coast started when a few friends from Northern Michigan with deep ties to the land and cannabis community came together to craft concentrates rich in flavor and experience. Drawing upon their heritage, education, and experience, they took a viticultural approach to the process, creating concentrates that are representative of the harvest and are the truest expression of the plant's native terpene profile. What started as an effort to craft simple, flower-forward concentrates has developed into a grassroots collective of cultivators, working with top industry artisans at one of Michigan's leading extraction facilities. Makers at heart, Fresh Coast Extracts works to make accessible products for everyone in Michigan while doing some good in the community.

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