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Brand: FLWR Pot

AU | FLWRpot | Triple Burger


Triple Burger is an Indica heavy strain bred by Skunk House Genetics crossing GMO and Double Burger. This line utilizes the deep GMO lineages bringing out the best from the OG and Chem lines. The cross produces progeny similar to GMO in structure - fast growing, long stretch, good internodal spacing. Uniquely, it yields OG-like buds that stack from top to bottom with very tight, dense trichome spacing, allowing THC limits to reach 30+%. Its terpene profile consists of burnt rubber, OG gas and GMO undertones displaying phenotypical traits such as dark hues, thick calyxes, and larger than average trichome heads. The effects are sedative, medicinal, relaxing making it a perfect night time smoke or a lazy Sunday sesh making your worries melt away.


Pain Relief

Sleep Aid


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